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PureGuard LVP Gas Temperature Control System

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The PureGuard gas temperature controller coupled with the PureGuard cylinder jacket is a reliable system to control the temperature of your critical high purity process gases.

The PureGuard temperature control system is capable of controlling to +/- 0.05* Celsius; using a compressor free solid state cooling system in an energy efficient, compact package.

Typical applications are for low vapor pressure gases as those used commonly in CVD and Etch.

The PureGuard gas temperature control system has a built in recirculation pump that pumps fluid through a heat exchange jacket. The controller maintains fluid temperature either cooling or heating depending on the need using a completely solid state technology.

System Attributes

  • Compact Control Module (~12” square)-No CFC’s or Compressor Maintenance
  • Solid State Thermal Technology-Lower Power Consumption
  • Heat resistant Kevlar Jacket with Polyester Outer Provides the Ability For One Jacket to be Used  on Many Cylinder Sizes
  • Full Surface Insulated Contact for Maximum Efficiency
  • Power: 115-230VAC, 50/60Hz, 7/5A

Compare PureGuard to the Competition

Feature PureGuard Competition Decision Key Differentiator
Price $11,700 > PureGuard PureGuard PureGuard is less costly
Power Consumption typical <200 watts 2875 watts PureGuard PureGuard more efficient from cooling technology & heat exchanger
Maintenance Maintenance Free Compressor Maintenance PureGuard Thermoelectric lifetime exceeds 200,000 hours, recirculation pump 25,000 hours
Accuracy 0.05° C 0.1° C PureGuard PID and Variable power output allow for more accurate control
Temperature Controller PID with Variable output PID Controller, On/Off cycling PureGuard System can control power output for fine control, not just on and off
Temp Control Technology Solid State Thermoelectric Technology Compressor Based PureGuard Solid State technology doesn’t require maintenance, has no refrigerants for disposal or ozone depletion, uses only energy required to control temperature, not typical full on then completely off type thermostat
Refrigerant None R-134a PureGuard Thermoelectric design does not use compressor or refrigerant
Jacket Design Soft Nomex outer shell, stainless vertical coils Stainless Hard jacket with fluid channels PureGuard PureGuard soft design allows for same jacket to be used in multiple applications, also heat exchanger has much more contact area with bottle for better heat transfer.
Jacket Ease of use Soft Nomex outer shell, stainless vertical coils Stainless Hard jacket with fluid channels PureGuard PureGuard will fit securely around any similar sized bottle with straps allowing to snug the jacket.  AGT’s hard jacket not compliant with bottle that might have surface features and will allow for air gaps.
Communications RS232 Standard RS232 or 485 Optional PureGuard PureGuard comes standard with communication package
Power Requirements 90 to 250 VAC 115 VAC or 230 VAC PureGuard AGT must be ordered for correct power region, PureGuard is Universal
Size of Controller 12.75″ x 11″ x 12.75″& 28lbs 28.5″ x 16.5″ x 16.5″ &   127 lbs PureGuard More Compact design, less space requirements, can be moved easily
Noise 49dba to 63 dba @ 3 feet Not Published PureGuard PureGuard has variable speed fan, normal running 49dba, will increase speed as needed to meet set point.
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