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UHP Weld Support Program

Invatech has more than 20 plus years of expertise in high purity gas systems. Our component and process knowledge has been combined to bring a high purity gas support offer for your welding needs. Our innovative approach will save you money time and reduce your dangerous goods risk.

Standard Welding Support Gas Supplies

  • Standard purge/test filter assy-Pre tested and certified with docs
  • Purifier Return Program-Helps with hazardous disposal and DOT transport regulations
  • Purifier Inventory including regenerated units available for a reduced cost
  • Test Gauges in stock
  • Purge Jumpers!
  • Portable dual cylinder weld cart with auto-switchover panel and purifier
  • Auto switch over panels
  • CGA and DISS Fittings and gaskets
  • Gas Regulators
  • Custom weld manifolds

Dangerous Goods Requirements!

Part # Description
NVT-910-00045 Single valve purge/test filter stick
NVT-910-00046 Dual Valve purge/test filter stick
NVT-910-00049 Dual Cylinder Purge Cart
Gas Purifiers Argon/N2 Gas Purifiers
NVT-910-0047 Wika UHP 4.5” Test Gauge 0-200#
AP1510SM-4PW-FV4FV4 Cylinder regulator with in/out gauges
Call for application support CGA or DISS Cylinder fittings

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