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The Invatech Engineering 24” x 24” View Tile for clean room raised floor systems is a strong, clean and low cost option to re-processing regular floor tiles into view tiles.

The main structure is 6061-T6 Aluminum. The frame is Type III hard anodized which results in a tough outer skin with excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, color fade resistance, dielectric strength, surface hardness and no exposed edges that can oxidize.

The view tile includes either a powder coated steel grate for safety and Lexan window, or just a Lexan lift off or hinged version. This results in an extraordinary weight rating.

This multi-function view tile can also be used to hold gas and chemical VMB’s, electrical components and various other tool support equipment by attaching our floor box enclosure.

The view tile is available with a 3⁄4” Lexan window with optional hinge and position control arm or with 1⁄2” Lexan coupled with a steel safety grate.

Invatech’s view tile design has provisions for mounting enclosures or open frames as in the illustration above.

Model Number Description Max Load rating
INV-VT-SL-1 Steel Grate and lift off Lexan lid 750 lbs
INV-VT-L-1 Lexan lift off lid 1,100 lbs
INV-VT-LT-1 Lexan lift off lid 1,100 lbs

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